Monday, November 8, 2010


Make 4A Living is a research project, where I'll post what I learn from interviews with people who do - or aspire to - make for a living, as well as related articles, books, video and anything else I can dig up.

Why do this? Because we were made to make. It's woven into our genes. Sure, some of us can develop elaborate, complex products, but that is not the majority of making humanity has always engaged in. Basic necessities were the things everyone made, and got gratification from doing. Few of us make even basic items anymore. Mass production, specialization, and division of labor has taken that simple pleasure away from the majority of us.

Currently, a relative handful of 'professional creatives' get paid to develop the products that end up in our lives, sucking up the vast majority of invention and craft that should belong to all of us.
The increasing availability of cheap equipment, design tools, materials and space to make your own products has led to many entrepreneur makers doing their own thing. These are the daring souls I hope to glean wisdom from. Some of the first questions that come to mind are:
Who qualifies as an Indie Maker?
What do these people need to become self-sufficient?
What is hardest to get as an Indie Maker?

This blog will journal the process of becoming a self-sufficient maker, and isolate the obstacles and invaluable resources to making it as a maker.

Hope you can join me on the journey!

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